Both of our artists sell regularly in Denver and nationally and have won numerous awards for their art.

Mary Jane is about having fun and being free. Of course. She has taught and sold art at a number of galleries in and around Denver. Her paintings are vibrant and eye-popping. She will make you and your 'buds' laugh while you paint your way to art Nirvana. She loves doing paintings, sculpting, mosaic stained glass projects and jewelry. However, if you have any art project in mind, let her know. She has tried most art media and can create projects based on any subject.

Max Jane specializes in helping his students find their path fearlessly. Art is about exploring and discovering. Max can help you find your inner artist, even if it is hiding in some dark well. He has taught at multiple institutions across the Front Range and has sold his art nationally. Max loves creating drawings (even doodling), pen & ink, paintings, sculptures, and mosaic stained glass projects. Like Mary Jane, he loves to create projects people have in mind.

Let us know how we can help you have fun while doing art in an altered state